Acceptable Use Policy

Provision Data Systems Inc (PDSI)

As noted in the ‘Termination of services” section (where customer has a contract), contravention of the Acceptable Use Policy is grounds for termination of service. Please read the policy carefully prior to signing.

Illegal Content

You agree that you will not knowingly contain, archive or distribute content forbidden by the laws of Canada, and the Province of British Columbia including, but not limited to, hate material, child pornography, fraud, pyramid selling, and obscenity. You also agree that you will not use the services provided to you for the planning, perpetration or collaboration of illegal activities.

Nuisance & DOS

You agree that you will not knowingly use the services provided to participate in nuisance activities including port scanning, unauthorized access to servers (hacking), unauthorized use of exploits on servers and any activity that disrupts the normal operation of a server or workstation (denial of service). You further agree to remedy at your expense any situation under this clause within 48 hours of notification resulting from third party control of your server (ie a hacker who has gained access or control of your server). It is the customers responsibility to ensure the security and activities of the server. The customer’s offending equipment may be disconnected from the network until such time as the issue is resolved.

Post or Host No SPAM or Viruses

You hereby agree that you will not knowingly send unsolicited commercial email or post unsolicited commercial messages, including without restriction chain letters to Usenet newsgroups. You are further prohibited from posting or transmitting any information or software which contains a virus, cancelbot, trojan horse, worm or other harmful or disruptive component or inhibit another Internet user from using or enjoying the Internet. You likewise agree to secure remedy any breach or infection within 48 hours of notification. You agree to ensure that all email services will not permit open relaying of email by any means including unchecked mailer scripts or any other mechanism.

Customers with websites are required to maintain and update any applications (eg WordPress) on a regular basis to insure all security patches are up to date. Sites compromised, must be cleaned and patched within 48 hours notice from the ISP or have the site suspended until such remedy is applied.


You agree that you will not knowingly place services or systems on your server that may allow others to contravene the Acceptable Use Policy. You agree to be responsible for ensuring that such services or activities are halted.

Sole Judgment

It will be the sole discretion of Provision Data to declare material to be in contravention of Internet etiquette, law, or community standards. Provision Data reserves the right to disconnect and isolate any server that contravenes the Acceptable Use Policy until such time as the situation is remedied.

Provision Data Systems Inc

The customer agrees that PDSI shall not be held liable for any loss of revenue or costs incurred as a result of any interruptions in service to the customer, loss of data, power, cooling or other events. The complete and entire remedy shall be the cost of services provided to the subscriber for the period of one month.

Each Customer Representative and any other persons visiting PDSI facilities does so at his or her own risk and PDSI shall not be liable for any harm to such persons resulting from any cause other than PDSI’s gross negligence or willful misconduct resulting in personal injury to such persons during such a visit.