Data Center

Kelowna's New Datacenter LM4DC2

One of the Best Data Center Locations
in North America

Provision Data is located in Kelowna, the heart of the Okanagan Valley.  Geologically stable, with a mild semi-arid ecosystem, Kelowna is fast becoming the location of choice for disaster recovery and primary data center services.

As one of the primary hubs between Vancouver and Calgary, Kelowna gives us stable, high bandwidth and low latency connections to the world.

Our data center is supplied by two graphically diverse substations that provide fail-safe power to ensure that you and your customers stay online. Multiple backup generators stand ready to make sure that our data center doesn’t go down when the lights do.

Provision Data is powered by clean and renewable hydroelectricity, making our data center one of the most environmentally friendly in North America.

We have a wide variety of options to fit your needs.

Dedicated Servers

Fast &

We offer a range of dedicated servers from top tier 1U up to cluster environments with high availability and load balancing.

Our Dedicated Servers

Virtual Servers

Reliable and Cost Effective

Managed by our professional team, high-performance VPS on a budget.  VMWare™ and Hyper-V™ supported.

Our Virtual Servers


The Geographic Advantage

Already have the hardware? Rent some space by the U, or go for one of our secure half rack or full rack options.

Our Colocation

Operating Systems

Windows and Unix Hosting

Whatever your flavor, we got you covered.  We have both Windows and Unix based operating systems available for our dedicated and shared servers. Whatever your needs are we have a solution for them, and the experts to back it up.